What is coaching?
It's a collaborative process where we work together to help you:
1) get clarity around your career goals,
2) design authentic action steps to meet them, and
3) stay accountable as you put your plans into action.

How to work with me:

Step 4: Continued Support
After our sessions are finished, I’ll provide you with resources to support yourself in maintaining momentum for existing goals and creating action plans for future goals.

As a Lawyer Well-being Career Coach, my mission is to help lawyers find direction, balance, and enjoyment in their legal careers. Whether you're feeling stressed or lost in your current role, considering a job change, or looking for well-being strategies that fit your busy professional life, I'm here to support you in making meaningful change that will serve you now and in your future.

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Individual Well-Being Coaching: 


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*All sessions via Zoom


Step 2: Purchase a Package
If you decide we're a good fit, purchase a monthly package! Depending on your goals and time frame, I'll recommend one that will serve you best from the options below.


Step 3: Navigating Change
We’ll work together to clarify a path to reach your goals, design action items to get you there, and plan for how to stay accountable along the way and after we finish our sessions.


Step 1: Free 30-minute Call
Book a Free 30-minute Call to discuss what you're struggling with, what your career goals are, and what your coaching journey can look like (and if we're a good fit!).  




1 Month Package
  • 4 weekly 45-minute sessions
  • $540

Individual 45-minute sessions are available upon request.
*Compassionate pricing is available for members of the legal profession involved in non-profit work, law students, and anyone else with special financial circumstances. Please contact me for compassionate pricing packages.

2 Month Package
  • 8 weekly 45-minute sessions
  • $1,012.50 (or bi-monthly installments of $506.25)

3 Month Package
  • 12 weekly 45-min sessions
  • $1,485 (or 3 monthly installments of $495)

Find a plan:

that comes with the idea of a job change by breaking things down into manageable tasks, which allowed me to access my own true desires and my problem-solving skills. Patty’s support ultimately helped me reach my goal for obtaining a new position that I am incredibly excited about!"
 – LW (Minnesota)

"Working with Patty helped relieve the anxiety

Not only did she hear what I was saying, but she was very good at identifying the underlying emotion and helpful things I was not saying. She asked questions that made me think about what I was saying and doing (and why), and her tone pushed me forward, but at my comfort level."
 - SN (Minnesota)


in the subject we were discussing. It was a powerful moment that not only built further trust, but helped me to put my struggle into a healthy perspective and realize I was not alone."
 -JMM (Minnesota)

"I really appreciated when Patty shared her own similar experience


Live or Virtual

While there is no easy “fix” to the stress that lawyers experience, there are ways to make small changes to our routine and perspective that can positively impact the way we manage our stress. Whether it is developing a mindfulness practice or simply learning to set healthy boundaries between our personal and work lives, my goal is to provide lawyers with tips they can use daily to improve their experience in the legal profession while honoring ethical obligations.

In addition to the below presentations, I offer "Little Talks" on various well-being subjects ranging from 15-30 minutes which can be paired with a guided meditation. Topics currently include mindfulness, gratitude, vulnerability, fitting in, self-compassion, fear, pride, joy, growth, and quick tips to manage stress in the moment and long-term.

I also offer programming for judges, law students, and support staff to ensure that all members of the legal profession are well and taken care of!

While these topics and programs are my current focus, I am always exploring new ideas and happy to discuss tailoring presentations for specific events and audiences. New presentations will be added as I develop them!

Although often associated with a slowed pace, mindfulness and meditation are powerful tools that require active engagement with the present moment. Through experiencing mindful moments in our personal lives each day, we can learn to embrace the present moment and begin to apply these practices to our professional lives in ways that can improve our effectiveness as attorneys and our ability to comply with various ethics rules including those focused on competence, diligence and communication.

This program addresses how mindfulness and meditation are similar yet different, how to develop and experience these practices daily, and how they intersect with various ethics rules. Attendees will also experience a brief guided body scan as an introduction to meditation.

Eligible for 1.0 Ethics CLE Credit in Minnesota. 

Tailored versions of this program are available for law firm staff, supervisors, & judicial branch employees.

Inquire about presentation.

Engaging in the Present Through Practice

Signature Program 


Mindful Moments:

This 90-minute program focuses on how mindfulness and meditation can help keep judges and court staff grounded in and out of the courtroom, how compassion toward self and others can enhance feelings of career satisfaction, and how self-reflection can help us identify what we need to maintain our well-being (and strategies for doing so). Attendees will experience guided meditations and various exercises illustrating the value of self-compassion and reflection during this presentation.

Inquire about presentation.

 for Judges and
Court Staff

Daily Well-Being Tips


Self-compassion means showing yourself the same kindness, care, and support you would show to a friend in need. Gratitude means appreciating what you have rather than longing for what you don't have. Joy is a state of mind and heart that at its core is about celebrating the connection between ourselves and others.

Although each have distinct qualities and practices, they are intertwined in a beautiful way that can shift the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. They can improve stress management skills, deepen professional relationships, and enhance compliance with various ethics rules including competence, diligence, and communication. 

This presentation addresses the foundation of each practice, how to apply them to our personal and professional lives, and the lasting benefits of doing so. There is also opportunity for written reflection exercises and two brief guided meditations throughout to further illustrate these practices.

Eligible for 1.0 Ethics CLE Credit in Minnesota.

*Tailored versions of this program are available for law firm staff and judicial branch employees.

Inquire about presentation.

with Self-Compassion, Gratitude & Joy

Ethically Enhancing Workplace Well-being 


The ethics rules and comments require that lawyers be competent, diligent, and communicate appropriately with clients while controlling their workload. When evaluating a lawyer’s workload and capacity to accept new matters in light of existing obligations, a lawyer’s well-being must be factored into that decision. Sometimes the circumstances are such that declining or terminating a representation is the most ethically appropriate course of action.

This presentation explores how to evaluate and set appropriate boundaries to manage relationships with clients in light of a lawyer’s well-being and ethical responsibilities. This program also provides tips for setting boundaries with colleagues and ourselves to improve our focus, productivity, and career satisfaction. 

(Available Spring 2024)

Setting Ethical Boundaries with Clients, Colleagues & Yourself

Practicing Well:


Being a lawyer is hard. Being a new lawyer is even harder when you have yet to master your practice area, learn how to effectively communicate with clients, and manage the exhaustion that can impact your organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines. This presentation will address ways to avoid common mistakes (and how to offer self-compassion when they happen), techniques for managing a full caseload, and the importance of addressing your mental health and well-being as a young attorney.

Special emphasis will be placed on the duties of competence, diligence, communication, safekeeping client property, and withdrawing from (or declining) representation.

Inquire about presentation.

of Navigating Life as a New Lawyer

The Ethics


“Patty’s presentation on how to incorporate mindfulness into one’s daily life as a lawyer was not only truly engaging, but also oriented to real life. She convinced me that if you can be mindful for 5 minutes, you can be a better lawyer.”  

Erin Higgins, Boston
Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLP
former PLDF President

"Patty, there were many outstanding presentations at the PLDF conference this year, but I wanted to tell you that yours is the one that has kept coming back to me. It has reminded me many times to be present in the moment and notice what is happening. That has in turn given me wonderful breaks from the stressful mind machinations I do so often. Thank you."

Brent Winans, CPCU, ARM, Vice President
Clear Advantage Risk Management

“After Patty’s Mindfulness presentation, I bought a new coffee grinder and now enjoy the best coffee I’ve ever made each morning (and get to have a little moment to myself, too!).” 

Carrie O., MN
MSBA Well-Being Committee


I offer well-being retreats with the goal of helping lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals build relationships with each other while learning practical ways to incorporate well-being strategies into their personal and professional lives.

Retreats include a mix of icebreakers, presentations on mindfulness and self-compassion, small and large-group discussion activities, reflection exercises, walking breaks, and games with well-being prizes to allow attendees an opportunity to form connections in a relaxed environment.
Programming can be tailored to highlight specific goals (i.e., communication skills, navigating change, setting boundaries, etc.) 

Retreats can be full-day (8:30am-3:30pm) or half-day (8:30am-12:30pm). Attendees will receive a welcome bag with a variety of wellness items, handouts for reflection activities, and well-being resources. After the retreat, attendees will receive a document capturing ideas raised during discussion activities.

Being a member of the legal profession can be both rewarding and challenging, and the hope is that everyone will leave the retreat feeling like they are part of a community of peers who they can turn to for guidance and support during times of struggle, and to celebrate their “wins” both in and outside the office.

If you are interested in learning more, please Contact Me and we'll schedule a call to discuss your goals after which I will send you a detailed proposed agenda and cost estimate. 


Future Offerings

I will soon be offering consulting services to law firms focused on conducting well-being audits & developing corresponding strategies to infuse well-being practices into the law firm culture.

If you would like to be notified when this offering is available, sign up below!

In the meantime, please enjoy my handout with "Little Tips" for creating a law firm culture of well-being (and for individual well-being, since it is easier to lead others in well-being efforts if we first learn to practice healthy habits ourselves!). 

 Law Firm Well-being Consulting

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