Personal Well-being

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I’ve never been one to journal, probably because I associate it with making a daily log of activities (any lawyer who has ever billed time can understand the struggle). But I had an experience recently where it helped alleviate anxiety I was feeling about a work opportunity (or what I thought was anxiety…). On a […]

Write and Reflect

When I speak with lawyers who are nearing retirement, I often ask them how they feel about it. The responses are obviously mixed, but I’ve noticed that the lawyers who are excited about it have often spent time engaging in hobbies outside of law in the years leading up to retirement. They spent time traveling, […]

Hobbies & Passions

Take a moment and feel your breath.

Inhale through your nose for four counts and exhale out your mouth for eight counts. When you feel stressed, come back to your breath. 

 Celebrating the “little things”

by other lawyers!

I wear fun socks each day, and now I'm known as the "fun sock lady" at my gym!
- Anne H. (Virginia)

I go to the gym before the sun is up and lately I have been walking there without my headphones in to enjoy the quiet peacefulness of the city before everyone wakes up. It’s sort of a meditative way to begin the day instead of constantly having pods/music/radio in my ear.
- Andrew C. (Pennsylvania)

Our firm has appointed me as “minister of culture” and my job is to always look to boost morale with work events, happy hours, fun sports pools and contests, and ensure we all take moments out of our days/weeks/months to enjoy our time together as co-workers and friends. - Tony C. (Virginia)

Be grateful for all you have to be grateful! - Kevin D. (Iowa)

I try to get outside for a walk every day, either with my dog or by myself! - Lori B. (Ohio)

I take mini-breaks throughout the day to play pieces I enjoy on my piano!
– Alice S. (Minnesota)

I always try to project positive energy to those around me regardless of the day I’m having. I’d rather project positivity than bring others down with negativity.
 - Bill O. (Illinois)


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