If only there were enough words to describe the immense joy I felt last night attending our community tree lighting ceremony. As someone obsessed with Hallmark Christmas Movies, it might shock you to learn that this was a first for me!

I could feel the anticipation as we walked to the tree before it was lit. I felt a new sense of belonging in my community as I saw how many families turned out for the event. Our mayor even delivered a holiday address from a podium and started a countdown with the crowd (just like they do in the movies!!).

Community Christmas Tree (before it was lit!)

When the tree lit up, I laughed and cheered with everyone around me at the sight of 10,000 lights. We walked around the pond with our pups and traded holiday greetings with those around us.

Community Christmas Tree all lit up!

I realized about 20 minutes later that I still felt incredible joy and gratitude for this experience. I didn’t want it to end, so I texted my close friends and family about it. Reading their responses added to my joy (and inspired some on their end, too!).

My husband and I with the lit up Community Christmas Tree

Joy is a state of heart and mind that can cut through even the toughest emotions we experience (grief, anger, anxiety, etc.). It’s something that is contagious and inspires connection. It’s also something we can cultivate and experience more frequently when we look for it.

I encourage you to think of a few times when you’ve felt that burst of joy wash over you. What were you doing? Who were you with? How did you savor that experience? How can you feel that again?

To learn more about joy, check out The Book of Joy. It’s beautiful and taught me so much about how to seek out joy (and savor it when I feel it). You can also watch the film, Mission: Joy, to witness the beautiful bond between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Lastly, I’m excited to share that I’ve created a CLE that dives into this topic and how it helps lawyers comply with the ethics rules: Ethically Enhancing Workplace Well-being with Self-Compassion, Gratitude and Joy. I’m presenting it through Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers on January 23 at 4:00pm (1.0 Ethics Credit applied for). Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Sending you lots of warmth and joy for a beautiful holiday season! 🙂

Attorney Well-being




Feel the Joy!

Community tree strung with white Christmas lights

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Take a moment and feel your breath.

Inhale through your nose for four counts and exhale out your mouth for eight counts. When you feel stressed, come back to your breath. 

 Celebrating the “little things”

by other lawyers!

I wear fun socks each day, and now I'm known as the "fun sock lady" at my gym!
- Anne H. (Virginia)

I go to the gym before the sun is up and lately I have been walking there without my headphones in to enjoy the quiet peacefulness of the city before everyone wakes up. It’s sort of a meditative way to begin the day instead of constantly having pods/music/radio in my ear.
- Andrew C. (Pennsylvania)

Our firm has appointed me as “minister of culture” and my job is to always look to boost morale with work events, happy hours, fun sports pools and contests, and ensure we all take moments out of our days/weeks/months to enjoy our time together as co-workers and friends. - Tony C. (Virginia)

Be grateful for all you have to be grateful! - Kevin D. (Iowa)

I try to get outside for a walk every day, either with my dog or by myself! - Lori B. (Ohio)

I take mini-breaks throughout the day to play pieces I enjoy on my piano!
– Alice S. (Minnesota)

I always try to project positive energy to those around me regardless of the day I’m having. I’d rather project positivity than bring others down with negativity.
 - Bill O. (Illinois)


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